I am a sales improvement specialist. I’ve helped businesses to step up their sales performance for 25+ years.
I co-founded a prominent sales improvement consultancy in 1992 which has worked with household-name multi-nationals and niche businesses. Before this I over-achieved in front line, sales & marketing leadership roles, and board level positions in five different sectors which gives me unusual professional ‘breadth’. This experience includes four years with the world leader in sales & sales management training where I sold and ran a wide range of bespoke and pre-packed programmes in the UK and internationally and was the UK Account Director for several major international clients. I’ve worked in an interim sales leader’s capacity for a number of mostly technology sector businesses (including running Acorn Computers’ UK sales team in the mid-90’s).
More recently I’ve advised and coached small and medium-sized companies ranging from cloud-based technology to manufacturing businesses. I’ve helped them to make sense of sales in the face of fierce competition, professional procurers and downward pressure on margins. I identify the gaps quickly and implement the measures needed to close them. I’m well versed in the methodologies & support tools needed to sustain the necessary improvements and I lead and coach from the front with credibility and finesse. I bring a keen eye for detail and subject matter credibility to strategic discussions in the boardroom and I am a highly effective hands-on sales management coach.
I’m married with three children in their 20’s and based in the South East but travel nationwide as necessary.