I worked and lived in various countries around the globe. With over 10 years of leadership experience in international communication and change management roles, I understand the day-to-day challenges and complexities of an international business environment. This has helped me, during my 10 years of self-employed consultancy and training work, to stay focused and provide practical, individual solutions to my various MSE and corporate clients. A healthy mix of online and offline solutions seems the right approach to me, especially considering busy work schedules and the increasing demand for learning on the job.

I am passionate about making today’s workplace more inclusive and flexible. I am solutions-orientated and my current focus is on supporting business growth by empowering agile leadership. In an international environment this means supporting teams far beyond improving their intercultural skills. A systemic and holistic viewpoint and down-to-earth approach are the cornerstones of my work.

I am happy to share my experience with like-minded people who are interested in new ways of developing business through learning and collaborating.