Business Growth Coach and Presentation Consultant, TEDx Speaker and Author of Authentic Business Presenter.

As a former city lawyer I have over 15 years of litigation experience and an understanding of the challenges within a corporate environment. During my time in the city, I discovered that many people struggle with delivering engaging presentations in all kinds of situations – in team meetings with peers or colleagues, at events and conferences or pitching to prospective customers.  Presentation and influencing skills affect successes and failures more than most people realise.

I am passionate about effective communication with a particular interest in public speaking, relationship selling and leadership effectiveness – which is why I became an NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Trainer. I truly believe everyone can be an authentic and engaging speaker, leader, salesperson and influencer when they know how.

With so much communication happening online these days, getting face-to-face time with clients or prospects is like gold dust. When you do have that opportunity you want to get it right – whether you’re running a start-up or working in/running a much larger, more established company.

Today I help business leaders and teams transform their presentations and approach to others, ensuring they really engage with their audience and get their message across as well as achieving the most positive outcome for all involved.

I work with clients on all aspects of speaking opportunities ranging from team meetings and networking events to conference speaking and selling or tender presentations.

When I’m not helping businesses grow their bottom line, I like to get involved with leadership development programmes for various youth organisations and run marathons – but not at the same time!