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Too often in modern business the focus is on growing sales at all costs and raising external sources of finance to fund such strategies. If funding is available, this can sometimes produce short-term results, but it rarely produces a happy and settled team and a business with long-term value growth and stability. At ABP, our focus is on assisting all stakeholders achieve long-term growth and stability in their companies, their jobs and their incomes. With the right commitment and engagement from the client, we even achieve this from distressed, loss-making, cash-poor starting positions. The key is the creation of an operational structure and model that is fit for purpose and efficient, delivering the best bottom line performance possible by providing a great platform for top line growth.

“After a successful initial outcome, we are moving forward on the basis of the plans implemented with Matthew’s assistance and we are managing the situation with improved future prospects. None of this would have been possible without Matthew’s involvement. I was very doubting when we first started the process but Matthew is able to quickly assimilate a situation and give clear and concise advice, that allayed my fears after the first meeting with him. I would without doubt, should further advice and discussion be needed, not hesitate to seek his assistance again.”

MD, Stewart Fraser Limited.

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