CPD Accredited Courses


If your company is governed by Continuous Professional Development commitments, then we have a range of short courses for business skills and improvement. 

From as little as £195.00 plus VAT for a one day workshop with ABP, you can complete your CPD points whilst engaging with other like minded business professionals as you learn or enhance your business contribution skills. 

Start enhancing your business today. 

Fifty Sales of Grey

This 2 Day Workshop Includes:

  • Refining your offer
  • Conversion (not diversion)
  • Effective Contracting including Getting Paid
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Influence Purchase Frequency
  • Securing Referrals

Leadership Motivation Managing people

This 3.5 Day Programme Includes:

  • Different styles and when to use them
  • Emotional Intelligence. What is it?
  • Negotiating change
  • Introduction to the the GROW model
  • Delegation, empowerment and motivation
  • Introduction to the SMARTER mode

Social Media

This 1 Day Success Programme Includes:

  • Generating more leads
  • Choosing the right social media platforms to use
  • Content and communications strategies that work
  • Language and tones to suit each platform
  • using online and offline methods
  • How to measure success or failure

Quality is an Attitude, Not a set of Numbers

This 1 Day Success Programme Includes:

  • Where does quality matter in your business
  • “Pigs don’t get fat by weighing them’.
  • Do you need to change your paradigm?
  • The cost of quality
  • Implementation
  • Total Quality Business Leader

Working to Process or Processing Work

This 1 Day Success Programme Includes:

  • What is a Business Process?
  • It Doesn’t Belong in my Business
  • “I’m working to process”
  • The Opportunity for Improvement
  • Implementation
  • Total Quality Business Leader